PowerWash Simulator is crashing when players look at the sun

The developer of PowerWash Simulator has told players not to look at the sun, in order to avoid a game-crashing bug.

This bug is linked to the game’s lens flare, developer FuturLab has said, and can occur on Xbox consoles when playing in multiplayer.

Reducing the amount of time you look at the sun “isn’t a great workaround”, the developer admitted via a post to Twitter. But until a hotfix (sorry) is rolled out, it’s all there is. And, y’know, not looking directly at the sun is just solid advice in general.

PowerWash Simulator launched on PC and Xbox (including Xbox Game Pass) last week after a period in Steam Early Access – and it’s actually very good. I found myself unexpectedly sinking a bunch of time into the game yesterday while avoiding the sun IRL.

Yes, it’s a game about as simple a thing as cleaning dirt off of stuff – but its gameplay and settings make this an engrossing and strangely rewarding task.

There’s a career mode where you slowly build up a list of jobs and contacts, beginning with bikes and back gardens, and working your way up to funfairs and other larger tasks.

On top of that, there’s also a more fantastical mode where you can go clean more exotic items – such as the latest Mars rover, sat on the surface of the red planet. Good luck avoiding the sun there.

A fix for the Xbox multiplayer crash bug will be live by the end of this week.