Tyreek Hill: After losing to Bills in Week Five, Eric Bieniemy challenged Chiefs not lose to Buffalo again

The latest episode of Tyreek Hill‘s It Needed To Be Said focused toward the end on some things that Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy needed to say as the Chiefs awaited the Bills in the divisional round of the 2021 playoffs.

Hill, during an extended conversation with Bills safety Jordan Poyer, said that Bieniemy set the tone by challenging the team not to lose again to the Bills, after Buffalo had beaten the Chiefs in Kansas City on a Sunday night in Week Five.

“Our offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, like he’s a madman,” Hill said. “He was cussing us out all week. Saying, ‘Y’all let these MFs come in here and whoop y’all like that. Like, c’mon man, y’all gotta have some respect on y’all name in this building, in this organization,’ and stuff like that. And, like, I could just sense in the guys’ eyes and hearts, and I just felt the energy. Like guys like really took that and like ran with it, the whole week. Like practice was perfect. No drops like during the whole week. Defense was flying around. Everybody was doing what they were supposed to do. And we all were on the same page.”

Hill said it also made him, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and tight end Travis Kelce determined to get the ball in position for an overtime-forcing field goal despite getting possession with only 13 seconds left in regulation. (That didn’t stop Hill from giving Poyer grief for the fact that the Bills choked in those 13 seconds.)

So what happened back in Week Five? Despite the title of the podcast, Hill stopped short of saying whatever needed to be said.

“Like a lot of things didn’t see eye to eye in the building,” Hill said, “and you know a lot of people, I just don’t wanna say, were going through some things, you know, so . . . they beat our ass. They beat our ass. They beat our ass, man. . . . . And it was very embarrassing.”

Why weren’t people seeing eye to eye in the building? Who was “going through some things,” and what were they? Maybe we’ll find out on a future episode of the podcast, if it will continue to be true to its name.

Until then, back to Bieniemy. For a guy who still can’t get a head-coaching job, he managed to get the kind of results from the Chiefs that good head coaches can finagle. Maybe this will be remembered by a team looking for a good head coach when the next hiring cycles gets rolling in only six months.